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"Lena is the type of girl where you don’t know if she’s going to punch you or kiss you." - Rodelio Astudillo (photographer) 


New Hannibal Season 3 info from the IGN Pannel:

  • Episode one is Hannibal and Bedelia and it starts a year after the events of the S2 finale.
  • Alana is back; dead or alive, Caroline doesn’t know.
  • Lady Murasaki, Crodell, Pazzi, and Francis Dolarhyde will be introduced.

I’m probably forgetting something but these are all very important!

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Holy shit

"I love pizza rolls.""I know."

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What if spiderman didn’t live in new york city and he lived in the country instead. He’d have nothing to swing from. He’d just be a man crawling in a field.

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